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Konferencijski stolovi, NameštajUSM HALLER Konferencijski sto

USM HALLER Konferencijski sto

The USM Modular Furniture is individually designed and planned by trained sales partners for specific requirements. A few elements can provide a functional office landscape, complete home offices or furniture for the living area. These are all tailor-made solutions which can be added to or changed at any time; individual pieces that leave enough room for individual flexibility and creativity.


Activity at USM is shaped by the search for solutions against a background of economic needs together with ecological concerns. So the question of how to deal responsibly with energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods has played a central role in the development of USM modular furniture systems.

The service life of a product is of the utmost importance when it comes to ecological considerations. The longer a product can be used, the less it adversely impacts the environment. High quality, durable materials processed with the latest environmentally-friendly technologies guarantee a long service life.


Exactly because USM’s product lines are open systems and not finished furniture types, services are particularly important to us: The modular principle itself already provides a large number of individual possibilities and requires the corresponding specialist skill in the consultation, planning and installation. Additionally, the requirements placed on the modular furniture systems change as the persons using them changes, whether in work or leisure. The support, service and customer care are therefore becoming more and more challenging.

This is why we work with selected sales partners who learn and constantly build on their specialist skills with regular product, installation and ongoing training.


The range of USM products is complemented with USM services:

USM provides specialists training in furniture configuration and design to ensure professional customer support. Our furniture designers are as concerned with the development of our products as with the individual configuration of your furniture. For USM assembly and repair of our products please contact us or your sales partner, who possess the necessary expertise and technical resources, guaranteeing top-quality service at any time.